How to Log into Tinder Without a Facebook Account

Learn how to use Tinder without a Facebook account
Read this article to learn how to use Tinder without a Facebook account

Tinder really changed the game. Before this revolutionary dating app hit the scenes, romancing online was considered a little weird and definitely not something you’d openly admit to doing. Thanks to a clever marketing campaign that involved hosting lit parties on American college campuses, Tinder managed to pull over a young audience and become something intrinsically cool and in demand.

Since then, countless romances have flared up in its wake and swiping left and right is a popular pastime of millions of young singles while sat on the toilet, commuting on the train… or while sat at their desks. But signing up to Tinder generally involves connecting with Facebook, and while this doesn’t mean that everyone on your Facebook will see that you have Tinder, it does allow people to see if you’re mutual friends with the person they’re trying to hook up with. That knowledge can actually be pretty handy – do you really want to go on a date with someone who is friends with your ex and their entire inner circle? Probably not worth the trouble, is it…

That being said, maybe you’d much rather not have people even seeing that you’re on Tinder in the first place. For whatever reason (we’re not going to jump out of the screen and ask you), if you’re looking to keep your footprint to a minimum then read on to find out how to use Tinder without Facebook.

Using Tinder without Facebook

There is one easy way to do this (and some other needlessly difficult ways). To use Tinder without Facebook you’ll need to sign up with your phone number. As specified on the Tinder website, this does mean that you’ll need to start things from scratch – if you’ve already signed up with Facebook then you’ll need to make a new account. If that sounds a little long winded, then you’re in for a long ride.

There are actually benefits to doing this: If you make a new account then all those people you accidentally swiped away will be back on the table. It’s useful if you just keep running out of people in your area and it’s also a handy trick if you just don’t get many matches anymore.

Signing up to Tinder Using a Phone Number

The easiest way to use Tinder without providing your Facebook account is to login with your phone number
The easiest way to use Tinder without providing your Facebook account is to login with your phone number

This process actually has some unique benefits to it. First of all, you can use Tinder without a Facebook account, which solves your problem of not having your friends see you on the app and allows people who don’t use Facebook to swipe to their heart’s content.

By signing up for Tinder with your phone number, you’ll have to enter a code sent to your device. An issue here is that you’ll have to do this every time you sign in to the app, and while I’ve used Tinder for years and probably only had to sign in about five times (the app keeps you logged in by default unless you choose otherwise), so this isn’t really a big deal, but it stands as an obvious hurdle that you wouldn’t have to deal with if you’d signed up for Tinder with a Facebook account.

You’ll have to provide an email address as well as your phone number, and also your name – so if you’re taking the “I don’t want the internet to know anything about me” route, then you’ll be disappointed by having to give up some information about yourself. If this is the primary reason that you want to use Tinder without Facebook, then I’d assume that your problem is more with giving information to Mark Zuckerberg than it is with the dating app.

If you don’t want to make a Facebook account (and have your personal information shared with God only knows who) then signing up to Tinder via mobile is a slightly more long winded method, but one that will ultimately keep you out of Zuckerberg’s scope of vision.

Signing up to Tinder with a Dummy Facebook Account

Another option is to create a fake Facebook profile to login to Tinder
Another option is to create a fake Facebook profile to login to Tinder

Another option – one that does kind of involve Facebook – is to make a new email address and then use this to make a dummy Facebook account. This account doesn’t have to have any real information about you apart from your name and year of birth (as Tinder imports this information automatically). If you don’t want to give Facebook much information about yourself, but would like to sign up to various apps via the service for simplicity’s sake, then this is a great option.

On top of this, you can like up to 100 pages that interest you on Facebook and they’ll appear on your Tinder profile if you share them with a potential match. This gives more potential for an interesting conversation to start with you match and is one of the many benefits of signing up with Facebook while also minimizing the amount of information you share about yourself online.

Using this method, you can enter the privacy settings on your new dummy Facebook account and choose to make your profile invisible. In this way, people can only attempt to add you if they know your email address, and seeing as the email you created was only to setup the Facebook, no one will have that. You’ll be invisible on Facebook, and therefore, no one on Tinder will be able to see any mutual connections that the two of you might have.

Wrapping it up

So, if you want to know how to login to Tinder without Facebook, there you have it. Or, if you just don’t want your friends to see that you’re on Tinder, then there you also have it!

There is one possible way they’d know and that’s if they swipe past your profile, which if you’re in the same area is extremely likely. You can’t really hide that, too bad. But, if you don’t want to give the sneaky Facebook empire any information about you, then this is a great way to go. Try out signing up with your phone number and if you want more integration of features, make a dummy Facebook. Happy swiping, you handsome devil, you.

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