Best free APKs you can’t find in the Play Store

Free Apk don’t have on Play Store

Got tired of the massive variety of apps on Google Play Store? So check these apk apps that you won’t find in the Play Store and make the most of them on your Android!

Download useful rare apk apps for free right now

The limitless potential of Android currently is beyond the Play Store. There are lots of APK apps that Google does not offer, and we suggest you some of the most useful and best Android APKs that you won’t find on the Play Store, but definitely should have!

Best streaming tool: VideoMix

We suggest you this amazing app as a useful tool for streaming movies online and TV shows. Kindly, be aware of laws in you current country regarding copyrighted streaming content, if you don’t want to have any trouble.

VideoMix is a superb app for watching TV shows and movies on the Internet from your Android. Although its interface is kinda ugly, its features are definitely worth of your time. After you have found the movie you’d love to watch, just click on it and start streaming for your selected site, then you can select which video player tool you want to play it with. In addition, there is a feature in the app that adds IMDB, so you can find all information you needed: movie ratings, the actors and other stuff.


Best function tool: LMT Launcher

LMT Launcher is an APK app that is quite fascinating and does not need root. The application offers a removable menu that opens in the form of a fan and displays lots of different shortcuts. When setting up those shortcuts, you will find even more settings. You can fully customize the circular drop-down menu and add shortcuts for other apps to activate the search function, to take screenshots. LMT Launcher the kind of apps that truly make your life easier. We can assure you after a few days of using this amazing app; you will question your self, why didn’t you have it earlier? So start downloading this free apk and enjoy its features!

LMT Launcher

Best downloading tool: Transdroid

For all sharp torrenters, Transdroid provides an awesome way to manage all of your files from your Android, letting you control when they finish downloading, start downloading others and more. This app allows you to launch or leave a program, delete torrent files. You can also change seed and download speed and view RSS notifications. It supports seedboxes, as well as home servers. From the client you can set priorities, add new torrents, start and stop them. It supports all major torrent clients, including BitTorrent 6, Transmission, Deluge and Vuze, uTorrent.

After exploring these amazing tools with us, what are thoughts and feelings? If you are pump up and ready to benefit from those apps, download all of those apk apps on Apkafe for free!

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