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Check following apk puzzle games, if you are a fan of horror and problem solving games. We believe it would enhance your experience and bring you lots of mixed feelings.

Hidden Objects: Hell’s Kitchen – a puzzle apk app for Android devices.

The game is a prominent representative of the hidden objects genre – a special subspecies of puzzles. Visually, it is framed quite gloomy, which follows from the name. However, this does not prevent the project from being interesting and fascinating. The scenes themselves are perfectly traced, the animations are fairly simple and of high quality.

The gameplay is: you are a cook. The chef made you search for the things and ingredients he needs in the dark, hellish kitchen, and he doesn’t have time to wait, so you have to hurry. It will be necessary to use all your skills and brain – it is often really difficult to find the desired items. If you get stuck – you can get a little hint. The game has three different levels – search by image, silhouette, and description. Naturally, the last option is the most difficult, considering you can only read to put the pieces together.

Hidden Objects: Hell’s Kitchen is an ideal puzzle that doesn’t force you to think, but lets you do interesting, exciting, and long-lasting work, perfect for any user of Android, especially for lovers of slow and protracted gaming.


> Special entourage and atmosphere
> Good presentation and graphic components
> Different levels and locations
> Different types of tasks

Mountain Crime: Requital

Take all your focus, as well as courage and go to investigate the very strange murders. Someone is getting rid of hotel guests. If you do not stop the killer, you could become the next victim! You are a good doctor, and you are invited to meet a patient in an old hotel. However, instead of the patient, you find a dead body. Interview other visitors to the hotel, collect as much valuable evidence as possible and unravel a tangle of mysterious crimes.

Also, do not let the criminal get to you. Search the hotel for useful items, solve tricky puzzles, and collect old newspaper notes to restore the event thread. The game brings up two confusing questions to what is happening: what is your relationship with the hotel and why you are accused of the murders?


> Six exciting chapters
> Interesting mini-games
> Many scenes for the search for objects
> Unlimited hints

Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror

Do you like horrors and detectives? Then this apk game will allow you to plunge into the dark atmosphere of an abandoned house with a horrible story, where anything can happen. In addition to courage, you will need willpower, logical thinking, and patience. On your path, you will meet numerous puzzles, the solution of which will become the way of your progress.

Remember that not everything is scary! It may be that the solution will be incredibly funny and simple. The app provides 3D-graphics, a great soundtrack and amazing logical riddles that will help you experience the horror! And it is very easy to play: click with your finger and perform the action you want, and when you exit, it will automatically save your gameplay.


> High playability
> Original design
> Great puzzle for any user
> Easy installation

Awesome graphics
Hey, are you already sweating from this description? But still feeling excited and want to discover haunted houses and find murderers? Hop onto Apkafe, download these games and find even more!

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